Fixed Gear Bikes

What is a fixed gear bike? Why buy a bike with a fixed gear and not a classic cruiser?

Fixed gear bicycle (eng. Fixed gear) is a fixed-gear bicycle that has no free play in the construction, and the wheels continue to spin when driving, even if we stop pedaling. Fix bikes are simple: when you move the pedals always rotate!

This causes the pedals to spin when the wheel rotates, both when driving forward and when moving backward. Another name for similar models is fixed gear bike.

Features Fixed Gear Bikes

A track or bicycle fix is ​​similar to a highway, but with differences. Probably the first thing you think about is how to brake on such a bike? Yes, the usual brake system on the bike fixed gear is not provided (although the handbrakes are included and can be installed). But there are special ways of braking, based on how to counteract the movement of the pedals, and they can be mastered very quickly.

Soon you will get used to your fix bike and find that such a braking system is no worse than a manual one.

Best fixed gear bikes are worth buying, and due to the fact that they are extremely easy to maintain. Imagine: no brakes (you can put them if necessary) and numerous gears, which means that your fix bike does not need daily inspection and maintenance, not to mention difficult repairs.

Remember: you always have to pedal, and at high speed they turn very, very quickly. On the pedals for your fixed gear bike, you can buy special clasps on your legs, called Toe Clips: they do not allow your leg to move off the pedal, and it is much easier to control it when moving.

To inexperienced beginners, it seems that riding these bikes is incredibly difficult (if at all possible). But the key word here is “it seems”! After a couple of days, all the features of a fixed bike will become familiar and convenient for you, and the more often you ride, the more pleasure this process will bring you. And believe me, there is something to enjoy!

Fixed Gear: Beauty and Dexterity

It is worth starting, perhaps, with the magnificent appearance of a fix bike of bikes (fix bike): minimalistic, simple and elegant. Just look at the bright models of Bear Bike , for example, on the colorful bike Athens, to fall in love with them once and for all. And the laconic bikes from the Fuji bikes brand are admired for their strict lines and curves. What is the classic Fuji Feather 2016 Black worth!

Despite the fact that fixed gear bicycles appeared a long time ago, they are only gaining popularity in Russia. Many are attracted by the ability to perform all sorts of tricks brought in from different cycle cultures: ease in maintaining balance while standing on the pedals, control of the rear wheel.

In the cities of the future without a bicycle will not do. This all goes

The authorities of large cities have long realized the need for the development of bicycle transport in order to somehow cope with the main problems of urbanization: environmental pollution and traffic jams.

And if 15 years ago there were only four bicycle rentals in world capitals, now there are thousands of them.

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In most cases, bike rental stations are offered to take or leave the bike for a small fee or by subscription. But recently, new schemes have begun to appear that do not require the organization of such parking stations. They have their advantages and their disadvantages.

The first public bicycle rental scheme Velib appeared in Paris in 2007. In the first year alone, 20 million people took advantage of the bike rental.

Since then, similar schemes have been tested by other world capitals.

The new scheme from the Chinese company Ofo - the largest bicycle rental operator in China - is called "Uber for bicycles".

Ofo has 3 million daily users in 34 cities in China. The company is represented in 150 cities around the world.

Ofo bike can be found anywhere and you can ride it for an arbitrarily long time, the cost of rent is about a dollar per hour.

It is enough to find the nearest bicycle with the help of an application on a smartphone - and they send you a four-digit code that unlocks the bicycle lock.

Users are encouraged to leave such bikes close to existing bicycle parking, but they can be left anywhere.

On wheels in the city

I have to use the bike every day to get to the train station in the town near London where I live.

I never decided to ride a bike in London.

And when I was offered to try out a new bicycle service offered by the Dutch company Gazelle in London, I decided to take advantage of this.

Clients are offered relatively light electric bikes, for which special bicycle lanes have been created in the center of the capital.

I immediately discovered that driving along such paths does not pose the slightest problem - the bike just becomes a good alternative public transport.

But such tracks in London are still too few. Outside of Hyde Park, the dedicated cycle track ends and merges with the common road, which is unsafe.